Are your cakes and cupcakes Halal?

Yes, we are Muslim bakers and only use Halal certified products. For some products which are not certified Halal, we use non animal based products or products which are suitable for vegetarians.

 What cream do you use?

We are using Butter cream or Fresh cream for our Cream cakes and cupcakes.  

What is Fondant?

Fondant is a kind of sugar based dough that are rolled out and used as covering for cakes and provides a smooth finish to cakes. It holds up very well in hot and humid weather condition. Our Fondant covered cake or Butter Cream cake does NOT need to be refrigerated. Just keep it in a cool dry place or best to place it in an air conditioned (low humidity) environment. Storing a Fondant covered cake or the cream cake with decorated Fondant figurines in a refrigerator will actually create condensation from forming, as soon as you remove the cake from the refrigerator.  

Transporting Cake/Cupcake?

When transporting your cake or cupcake, it should be placed flat on the floor of your car or boot. Don’t put it on a car seat, we’ve done that and trust us it’s not a good idea.  

Product Designs

Cake & Cupcakes designs, colours & interior layout of food are subject to slight variations and availability of decorative accessories. There might be slight variation to the design and color of the cakes seen on the computer and variation due to the limitation of the electronic media.